Remix was an influential American magazine focused on music production, DJing, and electronic music culture.Image:remix-sample-cover.jpeg


Remix was committed to exploring the convergence of technology and music, offering information and insights on digital music creation, DJ culture, and technology-based music. The magazine was filled with reviews of the latest music hardware and software, interviews with leading music producers and DJs across various genres, and detailed tutorials that assisted readers in the art of music production and remixing.

Publication History

Remix magazine came into existence in 1999, created by SpinMedia as a platform for DJs, music producers, and electronic music enthusiasts. It was unique in its dedication to the electronic music scene, quickly becoming a beacon of knowledge for those involved in the industry or looking to break into it.

The magazine primarily targeted professionals and hobbyists within the electronic music industry, including producers, engineers, and DJs. Its immersive and extensive content provided in-depth knowledge on technology, trends, and artists, making it an invaluable resource in its field.

Despite its popularity and influence in the music production industry, Remix ceased its print publication in 2009 and transitioned to an entirely digital medium; focusing on its website and e-newsletters.{{Categories}}

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