RES was an esteemed American magazine dedicated to digital film making, visual culture, and the digital arts.Image:res-sample-cover


RES showcased an array of digital media content, such as various forms of digital arts, music, film, and design. The magazine profiled innovative and groundbreaking artists, filmmakers, designers, and musicians who were pushing boundaries in their respective mediums. Apart from profiling digital art’s pioneers and emerging talents, the magazine often included reviews on cultural events, film festivals, art shows, and product reviews relative to digital media.

Publication History

Launched in 1996, RES was a bimonthly publication that endeavored to document and catalyze the evolution of digital media, especially in film making. The magazine was born at a time when digital arts were gaining popularity and offered an exclusive platform that mirrored the steady rise of this innovative form of art.

RES brought the digital arts and culture scene to its readers in a comprehensive manner that was both accessible and informative to beginners, enthusiasts, and professionals alike. Its contents ranged from instructional articles on animation, special effects, editing and other aspects of digital film production, to features about artists in the digital world across various mediums – film, music, design, and more.

Unfortunately, the print edition of the RES magazine ended in 2006. However, its impact on the evolving world of digital media remains significant.{{Categories}}

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