Restaurants & Institutions

Restaurants & Institutions was an American trade magazine servicing foodservice professionals, especially those working in the field of restaurant management.Image:restaurants-and-institutions-sample-cover.webp


The magazine covered a vast scope of topics pertinent to the foodservice industry. This ranged from trends in cuisine, information on food safety and regulations, operational best practices, technological advancements in the industry, to marketing strategies and case studies. Its mission was to equip its readership with insights, ideas, and information essential for decision-making in their field.

Publication History

Restaurants & Institutions magazine was launched in the early 20th century and had a rich history of providing the restaurant industry with quality content for almost a century. It was a highly respected source of information within the industry, counting executives, chefs, food and beverage directors, purchasing managers, and other foodservice professionals among its readership.

The magazine prided itself on its credible reporting, exhaustive research, and in-depth analysis of various sectors within the foodservice industry. It also became well-known for its annual industry rankings and awards that celebrated excellence and innovation in foodservice. This included the coveted Ivy Award, which recognized exceptional restaurants and was awarded based on feedback from peers in the industry.

Despite its immense popularity and recognition, Restaurants & Institutions went out of publication in 2010 due to financial difficulties. Its closure marked the end of an era in trade publications for the foodservice industry.{{Categories}}

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