Rhapsody is a luxury lifestyle and literary magazine tailored towards first-class passengers on United Airlines. Image:rhapsody-sample-cover.jpeg


Rhapsody provides creative content covering a wide range of topics, including travel, art, culture, fashion, and business. The publication seeks to engage with seasoned travelers through high-quality features and exclusive interviews. Over time, Rhapsody has built its reputation as a platform for award-winning writers and leading journalists.

Publication History

Rhapsody magazine was first published in 2013 by Ink Global, an international leader in travel media, in conjunction with United Airlines who desired to create an exclusive reading experience for their first-class customers.

The monthly magazine is distributed to an audience that includes first-class and premier-class fliers on United Airlines, in United Clubs and the airline’s broader premium lounges network. As such, it provides its advertisers access to a high net worth, global clientele.

As a testament to the quality of its editorial content, Rhapsody magazine has featured the work of several acclaimed authors and journalists, and has boasted stories penned by literary powerhouses such as Joyce Carol Oates and Anthony Doerr.

Rhapsody’s access to this select audience and commitment to high-caliber content has secured it a unique position in the media landscape of the airline industry.{{Categories}}

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