Rookie was an American online magazine created by fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson in 2011 when she was just 15 years old. The magazine, directed towards teenaged girls, focused on themes of fashion, culture, feminism, and self-empowerment. Image:rookie-sample-cover


With a fresh take on teenage subculture, Rookie emerged as a platform that encouraged its readers to develop their own unique voices. Editorially, it was consisted of written articles, illustration, photography, and DIY guides, curated around monthly themes.

Recognizing the evolving interests of teenagers, the magazine featured articles on a range of subjects such as sexuality, social activism, pop culture, fashion, and beauty. It became known for thoughtfully addressing topics that mattered to young women beyond just fashion and beauty.

The platform gained recognition for its ambition to contribute to the cultural conversation around teenage female experiences, providing a space for the articulation of their perspectives and concerns.

Publication History

Rookie was officially launched in September 2011, with a team comprising mostly teenage girls, and Gevinson serving as editor-in-chief. The content remained relevant and evocative, with an impressive lineup of high-profile interviewees and contributors over the years, including longstanding fashion icons, renowned musicians, and influential authors.

The magazine also published four print editions, Rookie Yearbooks One through Four, each compiling selected content from each year of the website.

Despite its notable success, Rookie ceased publishing in November 2018 due to financial constraints, marking an end to one of the most influential platforms for young women of the decade.{{Categories}}

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