Rural Cooperatives

Rural Cooperatives is a bi-monthly magazine published by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The publication focuses on issues related to cooperative business in agricultural and rural areas across the country.Image:rural-cooperatives-sample-cover


The magazine delivers in-depth information about the cooperative model as it applies to rural and agricultural businesses. Topics typically covered within its pages include cooperative development and best practices, economic impacts, financial results of co-ops and how their business structure is designed to support rural economies and improve the livelihood of rural citizens.

Interviews with agricultural industry leaders are often featured, along with stories highlighting successful co-op models, and case studies that provide readers with tangible examples of cooperative business success.

Articles range from advice for those wanting to start a co-op, to stories of established co-ops creating a significant impact in their communities. The magazine underscores the role of co-ops in strengthening rural economies by creating jobs and appealing to new markets.

Publication History

The USDA has published Rural Cooperatives since the mid-20th century. Its readership consists of cooperative members and directors, cooperative researchers and educators, rural economic development professionals, and agriculture industry stakeholders.

The magazine's editorial team is based at the Cooperative Programs division of USDA's Rural Development department. The aim is to provide a platform for exchanging knowledge and strengthening the role of cooperative businesses in the rural economy.{{Categories}}

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