Skate Rider

Skate Rider was an American skateboarding magazine published in the period of mid-1970s to early 1980s, providing a comprehensive look into the world of skateboarding during its golden era.Image:skate-rider-sample-cover


The content of Skate Rider was an eclectic mix of skateboarding news, product reviews, interviews with professional skateboarders, and in-depth features on skateboarding tricks, techniques and skateboard culture. It became famous for its high-quality photography that showcased the dynamism and creativity within the sport, alongside instructional articles aimed at both novice and advanced skateboarders.

Publication History

Due to the boom in popularity of skateboarding in the 1970s, Skate Rider was launched as a source of information and a means of connection for the rapidly growing skateboarding community. Its colorful and striking covers, featuring iconic images of skateboarders in action, became its unique signature. Despite its prevalent success in the skating community, the magazine had a relatively short run due to the decline in popularity of skateboarding in the early 1980s.{{Categories}}

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