Skateboarder was a United States-based magazine on skateboarding that was first published in 1964, making it the first ever skateboarding magazine. It served as the premier platform for skateboarding culture and news for over four decades.Image:skateboarder-sample-cover


Skateboarder magazine's content featured a wide scope of skateboarding coverage. Apart from delivering news and updates from the skateboarding scene, it featured interviews with both prominent and upcoming skateboarders, showcased new skateboarding techniques and offered in-depth reviews of skateboarding gear. The magazine also gained much acclaim for its high-quality photography, capturing the energy and creativity of the sport and the skaters.

Publication History

Skateboarder magazine was initially released as a quarterly publication in Winter 1964 under the title "The Quarterly Skateboarder", but quickly rebranded as "Skateboarder" by its second issue in Spring 1965. The magazine was initially produced by Surfer Publications out of Dana Point, California, and was created as a spin-off to Surfer Magazine.

Regardless of two early downfalls when the skateboarding industry faced recessions in the late 60s and early 80s, the magazine nevertheless made a triumphant return and ultimately became a monthly publication. In 2013, after a long and successful run as a print magazine, Skateboarder switched to an all-digital format. However, it ceased publication altogether later that same year - marking the end of an era.{{Categories}}

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