Ski-U-Mah is an American magazine dedicated to University of Minnesota's athletic program, using the university's traditional rallying cry as its title. Published bi-monthly, it offers in-depth coverage of all University of Minnesota sports, providing exclusive insights into student-athletes, coaches, and athletic events. Image:ski-u-mah-sample-cover


Ski-U-Mah features a range of content centered around the University of Minnesota's athletic program. Along with comprehensive coverage of the university's sports teams including football, basketball, hockey, and more, the magazine also spotlights individual student-athletes and shares their personal and sporting journeys. It serves as a source of in-depth interviews with coaches and offers tactical analysis of games. Additionally, the magazine encompasses stories of alumni athletes and how their athletic careers have shaped their lives post-graduation.

Publication History

Ski-U-Mah magazine was launched as part of an initiative to provide extensive coverage of University of Minnesota athletics and offer a platform to share the stories of its community's athletes and coaches. Tracing the roots of the magazine's name, "Ski-U-Mah," it is an old Sioux battle cry adopted by University of Minnesota students in the 19th century and has been a rallying cry for Gopher athletics since its early days.

In its effort to preserve and present the rich tradition of university athletics, Ski-U-Mah has carved a unique niche for itself as a publication. It offers an inside look into the rigorous yet rewarding world of collegiate sports, keeping readers invested with compelling storytelling.{{Categories}}

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