Skiing is an American magazine that was majorly devoted to, as the name suggests, the sport of skiing. The publication covered a variety of topics within the sport, with its primary focus on recreational downhill skiing. The magazine had its roots deep in the skiing community and was acclaimed for its insightful coverage of skiing techniques, equipment, culture, and travel destinations.Image:skiing-sample-cover


Skiing magazine covered a broad spectrum of content tied to the world of skiing. It included features on famed ski destinations, equipment reviews, and skill-building tips for both beginners and experienced skiers. Its content range catered to a mixed readership of ski enthusiasts, from novices discovering the sport to seasoned skiers looking for their next equipment upgrade or travel adventure.

A major section of the magazine was dedicated to interviews with professional skiers and profiles of rising stars in the sport, which brought readers closer to the world of competitive skiing. Also, the magazine did not shy away from covering the environmental and climate issues impacting ski resorts around the world.

Publication History

Skiing magazine was first published in 1948 and was among the first significant periodicals solely dedicated to skiing. Its emphasis on inclusivity and broad content coverage quickly gained popularity among the skiing community, eventually making it a leading publication in the US for ski sport enthusiasts.

In March 2017, after nearly seven decades as a stand-alone publication, Skiing Magazine merged with its long-time rival, SKI Magazine. The combined magazine chose to continue under the name SKI, marking the end of Skiing Magazine.{{Categories}}

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