Slap is an American-based periodical focused on skateboarding culture and lifestyle. The magazine emerged in the 1990s as a major source of in-depth coverage of the skateboarding world, including interviews with influential skaters, coverage of competitions and events, and reviews of skateboarding gear.Image:slap-sample-cover


Promising to deliver content "straight from the streets", Slap Magazine caters to an audience rooted deeply in skateboarding culture and lifestyle. The publication provides comprehensive stories of professional skateboarders, showcases the latest skating styles, spotlights on emerging talent, and detailed reports on major skateboarding competitions worldwide.

Alongside its heavy emphasis on skating culture, Slap includes skate gear reviews, instructions on tricks, and creatively edited photos and videos that are great appeal to both newcomers and seasoned skateboarders. The technique "how-to's" and unique photographic perspectives have also contributed to making it a popular pick among skaters worldwide.

Publication History

Slap Magazine was established in San Francisco in the early 1990s, quickly becoming a critical part of the global skateboarding scene. It was widely appreciated for its distinctive voice that celebrated the raw and hardcore side of skateboarding, offering an alternative to the more commercial magazines of its time. Over the years, Slap has undergone transitions from print to digital, accommodating transforming reader habits whilst keeping its content focused on skateboard culture.

Digital Presence

Following trends in publishing, Slap Magazine transitioned to an online platform in 2008, closing its print operations. The shift to digital allowed the magazine to reach a broader audience and gave it the flexibility to engage with its readers in real-time. The digital platform also hosts forums where users can discuss various topics related to skateboarding, cementing its position as a gather place for the global skateboarding community.{{Categories}}

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