Sleazoid Express

Sleazoid Express was a distinctive American film fanzine that passionately focused on the often overlooked realms of the cinematic world. Initially circulated in the late 1970s through the mid-1980s, this New York-based magazine delivered a nuanced appreciation for B-movies, grindhouse cinema, and exploitation films.Image:sleazoid-express-sample-cover


Sleazoid Express was not just a magazine, but a celebration of an alternative film culture. It embodied a thorough mix of film criticisms, in-depth profiles, engaging interviews, and well-researched features primarily dealing with genres that mainstream critics would often overlook. The magazine covered a sprawling array of genres that included but were not limited to horror, sexploitation, splatter flicks, blaxploitation, and low-budget indie films.

Its content was both brash and insightful, simultaneously treating these films with irreverence and respect. It became a special platform for cinephiles who found their taste echoed by Sleazoid Express and appreciated the articulate attention given to movies typically kept at arm's length by mainstream film reviews.

Publication History

The founders of Sleazoid Express, Bill Landis and Michelle Clifford, began the magazine during the bustling era of the 42nd street grindhouse circuit. The publications drew significantly from the gritty, offbeat, and innovative films being shown in these theaters, providing an authentic and well-informed perspective on this uniquely American subculture in cinema.

Pre-digital age and in absence of the internet, Sleazoid Express became an integral movie-guide for enthusiasts of underground cinema. It developed a focused and loyal readership, burgeoning into a veritable source of information on the grindhouse and exploitation scene.{{Categories}}

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