SmartMoney was a highly-esteemed American magazine renowned for its focus on investing and personal finance. Launched in 1992, this Wall Street Journal and Hearst Magazines collaborative effort quickly established its position as an influential publication in the financial sector.Image:smartmoney-sample-cover


SmartMoney provided comprehensive coverage of financial matters, such as investing, saving, retirement planning, estate planning, taxes, and real estate. With accurately researched articles, deep-dive reports, and simplified breakdowns of complex money concepts, it catered to a diverse demographic, ranging from financial novices to experienced investors.

Moreover, it provided insights into compelling investment opportunities and financial trends, lending its readers an edge in their financial planning strategies. SmartMoney was widely recognized for its sound financial advice, meticulously curated content, and intuitive presentation of financial data.

Publication History

SmartMoney came into existence through a cooperative initiative between Dow Jones & Company, the originators of The Wall Street Journal, and Hearst Magazines. Due to its quality content and finance-centric approach, the magazine saw quick popularity and sustained itself successfully over two decades, making an indelible mark in the realm of finance-focused publications.

In 2012, after marking its 20 years of publication, SmartMoney announced its transition into an all-digital format, following the trend toward digital media consumption. However, later in the same year, Dow Jones decided to cease the publication of SmartMoney in both print and digital formats.{{Categories}}

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