Soap Opera

Soap Opera was an American magazine devoted to the coverage of soap opera television shows and their actors. Published by Astrobase Publishing and later Media Source, Inc., the magazine hit the stands in 1988 and ran until 2002. Soap Opera Update was immensely popular among soap opera viewers who sought detailed insights into their beloved shows and the lives of the actors.Image:soap-opera-sample-cover


Famed for its exclusive content, Soap Opera Update catered to a broad audience with an interest in American daytime television. The magazine contained plot summaries and spoilers, actor interviews, behind-the-scenes features, and news about current and upcoming storylines.

Soap Opera Update was also known for its comprehensive coverage of the personal lives of soap opera actors, including exclusive interviews, profiles, and photo spreads. Such inside access made it a must-buy for soap opera fans.

Publication History

The launch in 1988 saw the magazine hitting the shelves weekly, providing readers with fresh and timely content. Given the dynamic nature of soap operas, the frequency of the publication was a hit among fans who wanted to keep up with the daily changes in storylines and characters.

However, in the competition-heavy landscape of soap opera magazines, Soap Opera Update carved out a unique spot by focusing on being the most comprehensive single source of soap opera information. It lived up to its name by providing updates on all current soap operas broadcast on American television during its run.

In the mid-90s, Soap Opera Update reached its peak, becoming one of the best selling soap opera magazines in the United States. Despite its popularity, the magazine was discontinued in 2002.{{Categories}}

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