Soap Opera Weekly

Soap Opera Weekly was an American magazine dedicated to the comprehensive coverage of soap opera television programming. It was first published in November 1989 by American Media, Inc. The magazine ran until 2012, with its final print issue released in April that year.Image:soap-opera-weekly-sample-cover


Embracing a different approach from other soap opera magazines, Soap Opera Weekly focused not only on plot revelations or upcoming twists. The magazine encompassed episode recaps, critical commentary, interviews with actors, and features about the shows.

Additionally, Soap Opera Weekly fostered a strong engagement with its readers through two popular sections: "The Soap Shrink," where a licensed therapist analyzed characters and their behaviors, and the "Critical Condition" section that offered reviews and in-depth analyses of the shows.

Publication History

Soap Opera Weekly was published on a weekly basis to ensure that soap opera fans were always up-to-date with the latest happenings in their favorite shows. Modulating between colors and black-and-white pages, the magazine was unique in its design as well.

Around the early 2000s, the magazine introduced a website and online content supplements, paving the way for digital exposure of its content, a feat not commonly seen among soap opera periodicals of the time.

Despite its innovative approach and dedicated readership, Soap Opera Weekly ceased print publication in April 2012. After this, the existing content moved to 'Soap Opera Digest', offering merged coverage within a single magazine.{{Categories}}

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