Southern Bivouac

Southern Bivouac was a literary and historical monthly magazine that was published in Louisville, Kentucky, between the years 1882 and 1887. This Confederate veteran's publication was initiated by the Southern Historical Association as a platform to share the Southern perspective on the American Civil War.Image:southern-bivouac-sample-cover

History and Content

After the Civil War, veterans sought to publish their accounts of the war to challenge the predominant Northern narratives about the conflict. As a result, the Southern Bivouac was launched, providing a platform for Confederate soldiers to share their experiences and perspectives.

The magazine predominantly featured first-hand accounts of battles, biographical sketches of soldiers and officers, as well as poems and stories about the Southern war experience. Every issue of the Southern Bivouac endeavored to shed light on the intricacies of the Civil War, from strategic military decisions to the life of the average Confederate soldier.


The Southern Bivouac was integral in constructing 'Lost Cause' mythology, a narrative that portrayed the Confederacy's cause in the Civil War as just and heroic. While the magazine was published, many southern families relied on it for a narrative linking them to their war-deceased loved ones and lending a vibrant voice to the Southern side of the war.

Despite a relatively short publication period, the Southern Bivouac left a lasting impact on the historiography of the American Civil War, contributing to the body of literature that helped shape the memory and interpretation of the conflict in the post-war Southern United States.{{Categories}}

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