Speed Age

Speed Age was an influential automotive and racing magazine that was extensively published in the United States throughout the mid-20th century.Image:speed-age-sample-cover

History and Profile

Speed Age was first published in May 1947, finding its niche in the burgeoning post-war hot rod culture. It acted as a platform, showcasing all aspects of vehicular speed, from road racing and hot rodding to the newest innovations in automobile design and technology.


The magazine stood as an authoritative source of information and news regarding car racing events both nationwide and internationally. It regularly covered various racing formats, including stock car, midget car, sports car, and even boat and airplane racing. The in-depth race reports and competitor profiles made it an important resource for racing enthusiasts.

Alongside racing coverage, Speed Age had a keen focus on the scientific aspects of motor innovation. Features within the magazine would often educate readers on the dynamics and mechanics of various speed-enhancing modifications.


Speed Age played a significant role in the mid-century car culture. By providing an outlet for motorsports news, cutting-edge vehicular advancements, and fostering a community for aficionados to interact, Speed Age had an indisputable impact on the emergence and growth of automobile enthusiasm during its publication years.{{Categories}}

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