Spirit Journal

Spirit Journal is an influential American newsletter dedicated to coverage of distilled spirits and related drinks.Image:spirit-journal-sample-cover

History and Profile

Founded in 1991 by F. Paul Pacult, a leading authority on spirits and cocktails, the publication immediately stood out for its thorough and accurate exploration of the world of distilled spirits. The Spirit Journal is published quarterly and is well-respected in the industry.


The Spirit Journal serves as an excellent resource for enthusiasts and professionals alike, with comprehensive tasting notes, ratings, and reviews of spirits from around the world. Coverage includes all categories of spirits such as whisky, vodka, gin, rum, tequila, brandy, and liqueurs.

Content extends to include history, production methods, interviews with industry figures, and features on bars and distilleries. Pacult's expertise and impartial palate carry significant weight in the industry, and his reviews and ratings are highly valued.


Over the decades, The Spirit Journal has cultivated an unsurpassed reputation for its impartial and in-depth analysis of spirits, with F. Paul Pacult sometimes referred to as the "most trusted critic in the spirits industry".{{Categories}}

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