Sport was a pioneer sports print publication in the United States, greatly contributing to the popularization of sports photography and sports journalism.Image:sport-sample-cover

History and Profile

Sport was first published in September 1946 by the New York-based publisher, Macfadden Publications. Initially released as a quarterly, it soon became a monthly magazine. Its founder, Canadian entrepreneur Wilfred MacDonald, aimed to create a magazine that was a hybrid of a sports news and a photographic review.


The pages of Sport were filled with visually compelling photographs capturing significant moments and iconic athletes. The magazine's editorial content was equally compelling, consisting of in-depth profiles of sports personalities, investigative reports, and features on the lifestyle aspects of sports.

Sport was renowned for going beyond game coverage, exploring the human aspect of athletes, their lives off the field, and the impact of sports on society. This approach made it a precursor to publications like Sports Illustrated.


Sport played a crucial role in elevating sports photography to an art form, with its vivid, action-packed pictorials. It provided a platform for a generation of writers and photographers, many of whom went on to be honored in the field of sports journalism.{{Categories}}

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