Sports Car International

Sports Car International (SCI) was an American automobile magazine from Los Angeles, California, focused primarily on sports cars.Image:sport-car-international-sample-cover

Publication History

The publication was started by Ross Periodicals Inc, a magazine publisher located in Novato, California in 1986. The magazine was headquartered in Novato. It initially began as a bi-monthly publication but swiftly became a monthly edition influenced by the interest and enthusiasm in the subject from readers.

Content and Coverage

Sports Car International contained comprehensive reports on both vintage classics and the latest sports cars. Along with the feature stories and road tests, the magazine regularly published buyer’s guides and detailed technical profiles.

One of the magazine’s annual highlights was the "Top Sports Cars" lists, which featured their picks for the best cars of all time categorised by decade. The magazine had a predilection for European sports cars, featuring brands from Ferrari to Porsche.

Critical Acclaim

The magazine gained respect for its extensive focus on sports cars and for the in-depth knowledge of its writers and editors. Ross Periodicals Inc, ventured to bring the world of sports cars to its readers, which enabled SCI to develop a dedicated and passionate reader-base during its operation.{{Categories}}

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