Stock Car Racing

Stock Car Racing magazine was a monthly publication primarily focused on NASCAR and other stock car racing events in the United States. The magazine was a staple of the stock car racing community, providing readers with in-depth coverage of the drivers who competed on the circuit.Image:stock-car-racing-sample-cover

Founding and Publication History

Stock Car Racing magazine was first published in 1966 by Robert E. Petersen, a well-known publisher of automotive magazines. The magazine continued to be published every month until its final issue was released in June 2011.

Content and Purpose

Stock Car Racing magazine covered a wide range of topics related to stock car racing, from driver interviews and profiles to race reports and technical articles highlighting the latest advancements in racing technology.

The magazine's writers and editors had a deep knowledge of the sport, providing readers with insider perspectives on the racing scene. The magazine also included feature articles that showcased the personal lives of drivers and their families, as well as the impact that racing had on local communities.

Awards and Accolades

Stock Car Racing magazine received numerous awards throughout its publication history, including the National Motorsports Press Association's "Magazine of the Year" award in 1988. The magazine's editors and writers also won several individual awards for their contributions to the publication.

Acquisitions and Legacy

In 1998, the publishing company Primedia acquired Stock Car Racing magazine from Petersen Publishing Company. The magazine continued to be published under Primedia until its final issue in 2011.

The legacy of Stock Car Racing magazine can still be seen in the numerous other publications and websites that provide coverage of stock car racing in the United States. The magazine's commitment to providing readers with high-quality writing and photography remains an inspiration to all those who are passionate about the sport.{{Categories}}

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