Storm Track

Storm Track was a monthly magazine focused on storm chasing and severe weather. The magazine provided readers with information on storm prediction and preparedness, as well as detailed accounts of storm chasing experiences from around the world.magazine-cover-not-available.png

Founding and Publication History

Storm Track was founded in 2002 by Roger Hill and his wife, Caryn Hill. Roger is a professional storm chaser and meteorologist, and the magazine was created as a way to share his experiences and expertise with others who share his passion for severe weather.

The magazine was published monthly, and each issue contained articles on storm chasing, severe weather events, and weather safety. The magazine also featured photography and artwork related to severe weather.

Content and Purpose

Storm Track was known for its technical and scientific approach to severe weather, with articles focused on storm prediction, storm chasing techniques, and weather safety. The magazine also featured firsthand accounts and photographs from storm chasers around the world, providing readers with a unique perspective on storms and severe weather events.

In addition to the magazine, Storm Track also operated a storm chasing website and forum, where storm chasers could share information and communicate with one another in real-time.

Awards and Accolades

Storm Track received several accolades throughout its publication history, including the 2006 National Society of Science Writers Science in Society Journalism Award for its article "6 Days Inside Katrina's Wrath."

Cessation of Publication and Legacy

Storm Track ceased publication in 2014, after more than a decade of providing readers with information on storm chasing and severe weather. Despite its discontinuation, the magazine and its associated website continue to serve as valuable resources for storm chasers and severe weather enthusiasts.

The magazine's legacy lives on through its archives, which contain a wealth of information on storm chasing, severe weather prediction, and weather safety. In addition, several former Storm Track contributors have gone on to publish books and other materials related to weather and storm chasing.{{Categories}}

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