Strategic Insights

Strategic Insights is a quarterly, peer-reviewed academic journal focused on security studies, international relations, and strategic planning.magazine-cover-not-available.png

Founding and Publication History

Strategic Insights was founded in 2002 by the Center for Contemporary Conflict at the Nay Museum of the University of California, San Diego. The journal is published quarterly and is available online for free.

Content and Purpose

Strategic Insights publishes articles on a range of topics related to security studies, international relations, and strategic planning. The journal is peer-reviewed, meaning that articles are evaluated by experts in the relevant fields before being published.

The journal's purpose is to promote academic discussion and debate on issues related to national and international security. The journal publishes articles from a range of perspectives, including academic researchers, policymakers, and military practitioners.

In addition to publishing articles, Strategic Insights also produces podcasts and webinars on topics related to security studies and international relations.

Awards and Accolades

Strategic Insights has been recognized for its contribution to the field of security studies. In 2010, the journal's article "The New Great Game in Central Asia: The Political Economy of the Sino-Russian Alliance" by Nazif Shahrani and M. Chris Mason won the Richard W. Leopold Prize from the American Historical Association.

Current Status and Future Outlook

As of 2021, Strategic Insights continues to be published quarterly and remains a respected academic journal in the field of security studies and international relations. The journal's influence and impact are likely to continue to grow in the years ahead as the global security environment becomes increasingly complex and unpredictable.{{Categories}}

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