Streetsound is a now-defunct music magazine that was published in the United States during the 1980s and early 1990s. The magazine focused on hip hop, electro, and other forms of urban music, and was known for its coverage of the emerging hip hop scene.Image:streetsound-sample-cover

Founding and Publication History

Streetsound was founded in 1983 by Alan Cross, a journalist and hip hop enthusiast. The magazine was originally published in New York City, but later moved its operations to Los Angeles.

Over the years, Streetsound featured articles, reviews, and interviews with many prominent hip hop artists, including Run DMC, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, and Ice-T.

Streetsound ceased publication in the mid-1990s, due in part to financial difficulties and the rise of competing publications such as The Source and XXL.

Content and Legacy

Streetsound covered a wide range of urban music genres, including hip hop, electro, freestyle, and dancehall reggae. The magazine's focus on the emerging hip hop scene helped to establish the publication as a key source of information and commentary on the genre during its early years.

Streetsound also played an important role in promoting underground and independent music artists, helping to bring recognition to many artists who might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Today, Streetsound is remembered as a pioneering music magazine that helped to shape the early years of the hip hop genre. Despite its relatively short run, the magazine played an important role in establishing hip hop as a cultural force and remains a fondly remembered part of music history.{{Categories}}

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