Student Leader

Student Leader is an American magazine providing leadership resources and training to high school and college students across the United States. Started in 1984, the bi-monthly publication reaches a broad audience of young people and educators interested in leadership development, education reform, and civic engagement.Image:student-leader-sample-cover

Founding and Publication History

Student Leader was founded in 1984 by the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), a professional organization for high school administrators in the United States. The magazine was created as a resource for student leaders, providing them with guidance and information on leadership development, community engagement, and other key issues affecting young people.

Since its founding, Student Leader has been published on a bi-monthly basis, with a focus on providing practical advice, inspiration, and resources to student activists and educators across the United States. The magazine is distributed nationally and has a dedicated readership of students, teachers, and administrators.

Content and Features

Student Leader covers a wide range of topics related to student leadership and civic engagement, including leadership training, education reform, community service, and social justice issues. The magazine offers practical advice and guidance to readers, with articles on effective communication, team-building, project management, and other key skills necessary for effective leadership.

In addition to articles, Student Leader also features interviews with prominent young leaders, profiles of successful student-led initiatives, and reviews of books and resources related to leadership and social change. The magazine also hosts a website with additional educational resources and opportunities for students and educators.

Impact and Recognition

Student Leader has been recognized for its contributions to student leadership development and civic engagement in the United States. The magazine has received awards from the National Association of Secondary School Principals and the American Society of Association Executives, among others. Its resources and articles have been used by educators across the country to enhance student leadership programs and promote positive change in local communities.{{Categories}}

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