Studies on the Left

Studies on the Left is an academic journal published by the Research Group on Socialism and Democracy, a left-wing political organization based in the United States. The journal focuses on Marxist theory, socialist history, and critical analysis of contemporary political issues from a radical left perspective.Image:studies-on-the-left-sample-cover

Publication History

Studies on the Left was first published in 1960, as a journal focused on critical analysis of socialist thought and Marxist theory in the United States. In the decades since, the journal has evolved to include topics such as feminist theory, anti-racism, environmentalism, and other forms of radical left politics.

The Research Group on Socialism and Democracy, which publishes Studies on the Left, is an organization made up of socialist scholars and activists. Its members are committed to promoting democratic socialism and social justice in the United States and elsewhere.

Content and Features

Studies on the Left publishes academic articles, book reviews, and political essays on a wide range of topics related to left-wing theory, politics, and social movements. Its articles are written by leading scholars and activists in the field of Marxist theory and socialist politics.

The journal's content reflects its commitment to critical analysis of contemporary political and economic issues, from a perspective that is both radical and politically engaged. Its focus on democratic socialism distinguishes it from other academic journals in the field of Marxist theory, and reflects its emphasis on building a more democratic and egalitarian society.

Reception and Significance

Studies on the Left has been widely recognized for its contributions to Marxist theory and left-wing politics in the United States. Its articles and essays have been cited by scholars and activists in a wide range of fields, and its influence extends far beyond the world of academic theory and research.

The journal has also played a key role in promoting socialist and leftist politics in the United States, particularly during periods of political repression and state surveillance of leftist organizations. Its commitment to radical democracy and its engagement with contemporary social movements make it an important voice in the ongoing struggle for social justice and political change.{{Categories}}

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