Suburban Life

Suburban Life is a monthly magazine that covers news and events in the suburbs of Chicago. It is published by Shaw Media, a family-owned media company based in suburban Illinois.Image:suburban-life-sample-cover


Suburban Life was first published in 1989, with the aim of providing local news and information to residents of Chicago's western suburbs. The magazine has since expanded its coverage to include news, events, and lifestyle content from across the larger Chicago metropolitan area.

In addition to Suburban Life, Shaw Media publishes a variety of print and online media properties throughout Illinois, including other local magazines, newspapers, and websites.

Content and Features

Suburban Life covers a range of topics of interest to suburban residents, including news and local politics, real estate, education, health and wellness, arts and culture, and community events. The magazine also features profiles of local business owners, community leaders, and other figures of interest to suburban readers.

Suburban Life also offers advertising opportunities for local businesses and organizations to reach its readership.

Reception and Significance

Suburban Life has been recognized for its comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the communities it serves. Its commitment to local news and events has helped to create a sense of community among residents of Chicago's suburbs, and its coverage of local business and the arts has helped to promote economic and cultural growth in the region.

The magazine's coverage has been recognized by industry awards, including multiple honors from the Illinois Press Association and the Suburban Newspapers of America.{{Categories}}

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