Summit was a magazine that covered mountaineering and mountain-related topics from 1955 to 1995.Image:summit-sample-cover


Summit was founded in San Francisco, California, in 1955 by editor-in-chief Allen Steck. The magazine was initially published under the name "Ascent", but was later renamed "Summit" in 1965 to better reflect its focus on mountaineering.

The publication quickly gained a reputation as one of the leading magazines on mountaineering and adventure sports, and attracted a dedicated readership among climbers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Over the course of its publication, Summit featured articles on a wide range of mountain-related topics, including climbing, mountaineering history, and outdoor gear and equipment.

Content and Features

One of the unique features of Summit was its focus on both the technical aspects and the cultural significance of mountaineering. The magazine often featured articles that explored the history and culture of different mountain regions, as well as profiles of notable mountaineers and explorers.

Summit also published a number of special issues throughout its publication history, including a "Women in Climbing" issue in 1979 and a special issue on the history of mountaineering in North America in 1992.

Reception and Significance

Summit was highly regarded by climbers and outdoor enthusiasts for its in-depth coverage of mountaineering and mountain culture. The magazine played an important role in documenting and promoting the sport of mountaineering, and helped to shape the discourse around outdoor adventure and exploration.

Although Summit ceased publication in 1995, it remains a highly valued publication among collectors and fans of the mountaineering community. The magazine is often cited as an important voice in the history of mountaineering journalism, and is widely regarded as a cultural touchstone for outdoor enthusiasts.{{Categories}}

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