Surfer is a popular American magazine dedicated to the surf culture and lifestyle. Founded in 1960, the magazine has become one of the most important references for surfers around the world.Image:surfer-sample-cover


Surfer was founded in 1960 by John Severson, a surfer and artist from California. Originally titled "The Surfer", the magazine was created to showcase Severson's surf films and his artwork.

The magazine quickly evolved to cover all aspects of the surf culture, including surfing techniques, surfboard design, and surf travel destinations. Surfer was also an early advocate of environmental sustainability, contributing to the protection of surf breaks and marine life.

Over the years, Surfer has become a leading voice in the surf community, covering important events and stories related to the sport and the lifestyle. The magazine has also expanded its digital presence, with a popular website and social media accounts with large followings.

Content and Features

Surfer covers a wide range of topics related to surfing, including technique, board design, and surf culture. The magazine also features stories and profiles of notable surfers from around the world, as well as reviews of surfboards, gear, and travel destinations.

Surfer has been known for its high-quality photography, with award-winning photo essays and stunning images of waves and surfers. The magazine has also produced several surf films over the years, including "The Endless Summer", one of the most iconic surf movies of all time.

Reception and Significance

Surfer has been widely recognized for its contribution to the surf culture and lifestyle. The magazine has won several awards over the years, including multiple honors from the Society of Publication Designers and the International Surfing Association.

In addition to its print and digital publications, Surfer has also produced several surf-related events, including the Surfer Poll awards and the Surfer Awards, honoring surfers, photographers, and filmmakers for their contributions to the sport.

Today, Surfer remains one of the most important sources of information and inspiration for surfers around the world, with a passionate community of readers and contributors.{{Categories}}

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