Surfing was a magazine covering the sport and culture of surfing in the United States. The magazine was published from 1964 to 2017 and was the longest running surf magazine in the country.Image:surfing-sample-cover


Surfing was founded in 1964 by surfers Bruce Brown and Warren Miller, who were also famous for their surf and ski films, respectively. The magazine was based in Southern California and quickly became popular among surfers and enthusiasts.

Throughout its history, Surfing featured articles and stories about surfing techniques, surf culture, and interesting destinations. The magazine also focused on environmental issues affecting the surfing community, including water pollution and coastal development.

In 2001, Surfing merged with another popular surf magazine, Surfer, but continued to be published as a separate title. However, in 2017, the magazine was discontinued due to the decline in print media circulation and changes in the surfing industry.

Content and Features

Surfing covered a wide range of topics related to surfing, including surf reports, interviews with professional surfers, and travel guides to popular surf destinations. The magazine also featured high-quality photography, with stunning images of waves and surfers.

Surfing was known for its unique editorial style and for pushing boundaries in the surf media landscape. The magazine's team of writers and editors were respected figures in the surf community and contributed to the development of the sport and lifestyle.

Reception and Significance

Surfing was a significant publication in the history of surf media and had a loyal following among surfers and enthusiasts. The magazine won numerous awards over the years, including multiple honors from the Society of Publication Designers and the International Surfing Association.

Surfing also contributed to the development of the surf industry, with its coverage of professional surf contests and trends in surfboard design. The magazine played a role in creating a sense of community among surfers, connecting surfers around the world through its coverage and content.

Despite its discontinuation, Surfing remains an influential publication in the history of surf culture in the United States.{{Categories}}

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