Teen Beat

Teen Beat was a popular teen magazine that was in print from 1967 to 2007 in the United States. The magazine targeted teenage girls and featured articles on a variety of topics including celebrity gossip, fashion, and music.Image:teen-beat-sample-cover


Teen Beat was first published in September 1967 by Charles Laufer, who had founded another popular teen magazine, Tiger Beat. The magazine quickly became popular, with circulation reaching roughly one million by the mid-1970s.

Over the years, Teen Beat weathered several challenges, including lawsuits from celebrities unhappy with negative coverage, and competition from similar publications. In 1995, the magazine briefly changed its name to SuperTeen, but reverted back to Teen Beat in 1996.

Teen Beat continued to publish until 2007, when it was discontinued due to declining readership and the rise of digital media.

Content and Features

Like many other teen magazines, Teen Beat focused heavily on celebrity culture, featuring interviews with popular actors, singers, and teen idols. The magazine was also known for its cover posters, which were often the main draw for readers.

In addition to celebrity coverage, Teen Beat also featured articles on fashion, beauty, and relationships. The magazine offered advice to teenage girls on topics such as dating, self-esteem, and popularity.

Impact and Legacy

Teen Beat was a major force in teen magazine publishing for several decades, shaping the tastes and attitudes of generations of teenage girls. The magazine's focus on celebrity gossip and fashion helped to establish it as a cultural touchstone for many young women.

In addition to its impact on the publishing industry, Teen Beat also played a role in popular culture, serving as a launching pad for the careers of many young actresses, singers, and models.


Teen Beat was a popular teen magazine that was in print for forty years in the United States. The magazine was known for its coverage of celebrity gossip, fashion, and music, and offered advice to teenage girls on a variety of topics. While the magazine has been discontinued, Teen Beat remains an important cultural touchstone for many who grew up reading it.{{Categories}}

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