Terror Illustrated

Terror Illustrated was a bi-monthly magazine published in the United States. The magazine focused on horror and suspense, featuring articles, fiction, and artwork related to the genre. It was published from 1985 until 1987.Image:terror-illustrated-sample-cover


Terror Illustrated was founded in 1985 by Ronn Foss. Foss had previously worked as a magazine distributor, and he saw an opportunity to create a horror and suspense magazine that would appeal to fans of the genre.

The magazine quickly gained a following among horror fans, thanks in large part to its high-quality illustrations and fiction. Many of the writers and artists featured in Terror Illustrated went on to have successful careers in the horror genre.

Despite its popularity, Terror Illustrated struggled financially, with low circulation numbers and production costs. After just over two years of publication, the magazine ceased operations in 1987.

Content and Features

Terror Illustrated featured a variety of content related to the horror and suspense genre. This included fiction, artwork, and articles about classic and contemporary horror films and literature.

One of the unique features of Terror Illustrated was its focus on artwork. The magazine featured stunning illustrations and cover art from some of the top artists in the horror genre.

In addition to its fiction and artwork, Terror Illustrated also featured interviews with horror writers, filmmakers, and actors. These interviews provided an in-depth look at the creative process behind some of the most iconic horror works of the time.

Impact and Legacy

Terror Illustrated played an important role in the horror genre during its brief run. The magazine helped to introduce readers to emerging horror writers and artists and provided a platform for established creatives to showcase their work.

Today, Terror Illustrated remains a cult favorite among horror fans. Many of the writers, artists, and filmmakers featured in the magazine went on to have successful careers in the genre, and their work continues to influence and inspire new generations of horror creators and fans.{{Categories}}

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