Terror Tales

Terror Tales was a pulp magazine published in the United States. The magazine featured horror and suspense stories, as well as other stories of the strange and macabre. Terror Tales was published by Popular Publications from 1934 to 1941, and then again from 1969 to 1971.Image:terror-tales-sample-cover


Terror Tales was founded by Harry Steeger, who was the founder of Popular Publications. Steeger was interested in the horror and suspense genre and saw an opportunity to create a magazine that would appeal to readers who shared his interests.

The first issue of Terror Tales was published in 1934. The magazine was an immediate success, and it quickly became one of Popular Publications' most popular magazines.

Terror Tales continued to be published throughout the 1930s, featuring stories from some of the most prominent writers in the horror and suspense genre. In 1941, the magazine ceased publication due to paper shortages caused by World War II.

Terror Tales was revived in 1969, with a new focus on more graphic horror stories. The revived magazine was published for three years before being cancelled again in 1971.

Content and Features

Terror Tales primarily focused on horror and suspense stories. The magazine featured stories from some of the most prominent writers in the genre, including H.P. Lovecraft, Ray Bradbury, and Robert Bloch.

The magazine also featured illustrations and cover art from some of the top artists in the pulp magazine industry. The cover art was often striking and macabre, featuring grotesque and terrifying images.

Impact and Legacy

Terror Tales played an important role in the development of the horror and suspense genre. The magazine helped to popularize the genre and introduced readers to some of the most iconic horror writers and artists of the time.

Today, Terror Tales is considered a classic of the horror and pulp magazine genres. The magazine's stories and artwork continue to influence and inspire new generations of horror and suspense writers and artists.{{Categories}}

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