Test & Measurement World

Test & Measurement World (TMW) was a monthly magazine published in the United States. The magazine provided information on test and measurement techniques, equipment, and emerging technologies. TMW was published from 1981 until its discontinuation in 2013.Image:test-and-measurement-world-sample-cover


Founded by David Hall and John Arwood in 1981, Test & Measurement World became a leading publication in the field of test and measurement. The magazine was published by Reed Business Information until 2010, when it was sold to Canon Communications LLC. Later, in 2011, Canon Communications was purchased by UBM Electronics, a division of United Business Media (UBM). UBM Electronics continued to publish TMW until its discontinuation in 2013.

Content and Features

Test & Measurement World primarily focused on providing information on test and measurement techniques, equipment, and emerging technologies across various industries, including aerospace, defense, electronics, and telecommunications. The magazine also featured tutorials from experts in the field and product reviews.

TMW covered a wide range of topics, including electronic testing, measurement techniques, signal analysis, and simulation software. The magazine was targeted at engineers, technicians, and other professionals working in the test and measurement industry.

Impact and Legacy

Test & Measurement World played an important role in the advancement of the test and measurement industry. The magazine was highly regarded for its coverage of emerging technologies, testing methodologies, and industry trends. Its articles and tutorials helped engineers and technicians to stay up-to-date on new developments in the field, and its reviews of products and technologies were highly respected.

After its discontinuation, TMW's legacy lived on through its archives, which featured over three decades of articles that covered the latest technologies and testing methodologies. Many of these articles remain relevant today and continue to be referenced by professionals in the industry.{{Categories}}

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