Teve Guía

Teve Guía (TV Guide) is a weekly magazine published in Mexico that provides comprehensive TV listings, entertainment news, and celebrity features. Image:teve-guía-sample-cover


Teve Guía was first published in 1984 by Editorial Vid, a Mexican-based publishing company that also produces other popular magazines and comic books. It claims to be one of the first and most important TV guides in Mexico, and it has maintained its popularity for over three decades.

Content and Features

Teve Guía provides in-depth listings of TV schedules for all of the major broadcast networks as well as cable offerings, satellite programming, and pay-per-view services. Additionally, the magazine offers feature articles about popular television shows, celebrities, and Hollywood news.

The magazine also provides unique content including exclusive interviews with celebrities and behind-the-scenes coverage of various television shows.

Reputation and Popularity

Teve Guía is one of the most popular magazine publications in Mexico and is considered the leading TV guide in the market. It reaches a wide range of audiences, including families and individuals who utilize the magazine as a source for finding TV programming.

Teve Guía's readership has remained stable since its first publication in 1984, and its loyal readership base attests to this because it has maintained such a large readership despite the advent of online TV guides.

Online Presence

Teve Guía has an online presence that allows its readers to access the print content, as well as receive updated TV listings and news as soon as they are available online. Additionally, Teve Guía subscribers can access the digital version of the magazine for free.

The magazine has several social media accounts that are regularly updated with information relating to its content, as well as outside news and celebrity features.{{Categories}}

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