The Abolitionist

The Abolitionist was an American anti-slavery magazine that was published by the American Anti-Slavery Society from 1833 to 1860. The magazine was one of the most influential publications of the abolitionist movement and had a significant impact on the fight against slavery in the United States.Image:the-abolitionist-sample-cover


The Abolitionist was first published in 1831, but it was in 1833 that the American Anti-Slavery Society took over the publication of the magazine, making it their official organ for the promotion of their cause. At first, The Abolitionist was a weekly newspaper, but in 1839, it was converted into a monthly magazine.

The magazine came under attack from pro-slavery groups. It was often denounced from pulpits across the United States, and in many Southern states, it was illegal to possess a copy of the magazine.

Content and Features

The Abolitionist featured articles and commentaries on issues related to slavery, including stories of escaped slaves and articles about the inhumanity of slavery. The magazine also published letters, poems, and other writings by African Americans that were not typically given a voice in mainstream publications.

Furthermore, The Abolitionist supported women's suffrage and was one of the earliest publications to promote equal rights and social justice for African Americans and women.

Reputation and Popularity

The Abolitionist became one of the most renowned anti-slavery publications in the United States, and as such, it earned widespread recognition as a critical publication that helped bring about the end of slavery.

The magazine was widely read in both the North and South, with many taking issue with its message. Despite this, The Abolitionist was one of the most significant anti-slavery publications.


The Abolitionist played a crucial role in the fight against slavery. It was instrumental in shaping public opinion and raising awareness about the evils of slavery, causing a significant shift in attitudes about the issue.

Today, the magazine remains an essential part of both the history of American journalism and the social justice movement in the United States.{{Categories}}

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