The Adriatic Review

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The Adriatic Review was a monthly periodical published in Boston, United States. It was issued for the first time in September 1918 and its final issue was released in October 1919. The magazine was published by Vatra, the Pan-Albanian Federation of America, and it was aimed at disseminating information about Albania and its cause.

The first editor of The Adriatic Review was Fan Noli, who managed the journal for the initial six months of its existence. Following Noli, the editorial helm was taken over in 1919 by Constantin Anastas Chekrezi, also known as Costa Chekrezi.

The language of publication for The Adriatic Review was English. As a product of its time and a bridge between cultures, this periodical offered valuable insights into the historical context of Albania in the early 20th century. Its mission was to serve as an informative and educational resource, spreading knowledge and understanding about Albania to its readership. Throughout its brief span of publication, The Adriatic Review demonstrated a clear commitment to this mission, fostering a deeper appreciation of Albanian culture and history among its readers.{{Categories}}

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