The Amazing Pudding

The Amazing Pudding magazine was a prominent music publication dedicated to the British rock band Pink Floyd. The magazine, primarily available in English, gained a cult following for its in-depth coverage of the band's music, history, and related topics.Image:the-amazing-pudding-sample-cover

Origins and Publication

The Amazing Pudding magazine was first published in 1969. Inspired by Pink Floyd's progressive rock sound and their imaginative album artwork, the magazine sought to provide fans with a comprehensive exploration of the band's music and the creative process behind it. Originally published in German under the title "Die brandneue Zeitschrift ohne Titel," it eventually gained international recognition and was widely read by English-speaking fans.

Content and Format

The magazine covered a wide range of topics related to Pink Floyd, including album reviews, concert reports, interviews with band members and collaborators, and in-depth features analyzing the band's musical style and lyrical themes. The publication often included exclusive photographs and artwork, making it a sought-after collector's item among fans.

Influence and Impact

The Amazing Pudding magazine played a crucial role in fostering a sense of community among Pink Floyd fans worldwide. Its in-depth analysis and passionate coverage of the band's music and visual aesthetic made it a go-to source for fans seeking a deeper understanding of Pink Floyd's creative process.

Editorial Approach

The magazine maintained an impartial and objective editorial approach, aiming to provide factual information and analysis rather than subjective opinions. Its articles were written by knowledgeable contributors who had a deep appreciation for Pink Floyd's music and a desire to share their insights with fellow fans.


After a successful run, The Amazing Pudding magazine ceased publication in 1993. The exact reasons for its discontinuation are not widely documented, but its impact on the Pink Floyd fan community remains significant. Although the magazine is no longer in circulation, its legacy lives on through the memories of its readers and the influence it had on Pink Floyd fandom.{{Categories}}

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