The American Cricketer

The American Cricketer was a significant publication of record for club cricket in the United States, with a publication history that spanned over half a century. First published in Philadelphia in 1877, the slim magazine continued to grace the printing press through 1929, a total of 52 years. During the summer cricketing season, The American Cricketer was published weekly, transitioning to a monthly frequency during the winter months.Image:the-american-cricketer-sample-cover

George Newhall, a member of the renowned Newhall cricketing family of Philadelphia, served as one of its esteemed editors. His stewardship, along with that of other dedicated individuals, allowed the magazine to flourish and provide a rich source of information about the state of cricket in the United States during that period.

While the magazine's primary focus was cricket, it also served as a chronicle for the broader American cricketing community. It provided a consistent and reliable source of news, updates, and analysis, making it an invaluable resource for those interested in the sport. Over its 52-year publication history, The American Cricketer played an instrumental role in the development and propagation of cricket across the United States.{{Categories}}

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