The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle

The American Magazine and Historical ChronicleImage:the-american-magazine-and-historical-chronicle-sample-cover

The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle was a periodical published in Boston, Massachusetts from 1743 to 1746. This important early periodical was printed by Rogers & Fowle, who were Gamaliel Rogers and Daniel Fowle. Its publishers were Samuel Eliot and Joshua Blanchard. It is suggested by scholars that Jeremiah Gridley served as the editor of the periodical.

Modeled after London magazines of the time, The American Magazine and Historical Chronicle primarily contained content relating to English and American politics and war. Its themes ranged from the politics and government of Great Britain from 1727 to 1760, the history of the United States during the colonial period, and the affairs of Great Britain’s American colonies. The magazine was made available in various cities across the American colonies, including Philadelphia and New York, which were key intellectual centers of the time. All of the magazine's issues have been digitized and are available in the Phillips Library at The Peabody Essex Museum.{{Categories}}

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