The American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge

The American Magazine of Useful and Entertaining Knowledge was a monthly periodical that circulated in Boston, Massachusetts, from 1834 to 1837. It was initiated by a group of engravers with the intention of delivering to the public a work that was descriptive, encompassing not only subjects, scenes, places, and persons existing in distant climes, but also those found in their own fine and native country. The magazine featured a profusion of illustrated articles on a wide range of topics such as American animals, plants, natural scenery, colleges, banks, hospitals, churches, cities, and technology, among other subjects. It also carried biographical articles on significant individuals from the revolutionary and federal eras. Its format was inspired by the British Penny Magazine. Initially, its publication was handled by the Boston Bewick Company, but later, the responsibility was taken over by William D. Ticknor and John L. Sibley. In 1836, the esteemed writer Nathaniel Hawthorne served as the magazine's editor.{{Categories}}

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