The Amerika Esperantisto

The Amerika Esperantisto (American Esperantist), also known as Amerika Esperantista Revuo, was a North American Esperanto-language monthly publication. It was founded in January 1907 by the American Esperanto Association (Amerika Esperantista Asocio), a national association formed by Boston Esperantists in March 1905. The magazine was initially published in Oklahoma City by Arthur Baker of the American Esperantist Company, a specialized publisher and vendor of Esperanto material that was dedicated to the promotion of the Esperanto language.Image:the-amerika-esperantisto-sample-cover

In 1907, the headquarters of Amerika Esperantisto moved to New York City. Following its first national convention in Chautauqua, New York in 1908, the Amerika Esperantista Asocio was renamed Esperantista Asocio de Norda Ameriko (EANA). The publication of Amerika Esperantista Revuo ceased and Amerika Esperantisto became the official organ of EANA.

The magazine's editors included Arthur Baker, Ivy Kellerman, and J. J. Süssmuth. It was committed to the promotion and proliferation of the Esperanto language, and it offered a variety of articles and features that catered to both Esperanto speakers and those interested in the language.

One of the notable articles in Amerika Esperantisto concerned the use of Esperanto in the U.S. Army's “Aggressor Force.” The article showcased how the language was being used in military exercises to enhance intelligence play and add realism to field exercises. This led to a surge in interest among soldiers who wrote to EANA for information about Esperanto, intrigued by the language's utility in travel and global friendships.

This engagement with the military was further highlighted when a major television network featured a movie that used Esperanto during sequences showing the interrogation of prisoners by the “Aggressor Force.” In addition, the magazine contained valuable resources such as an elementary grammar of the Esperanto language, an English-Esperanto and Esperanto-English vocabulary, and special tables on days and months, numerals, weights and measures, and approximate conversions.

Amerika Esperantisto continued its publication until the rise of the Esperanto League for North America, which led to the decline of EANA and the eventual cessation of the magazine's publication in 1963. Despite its closure, Amerika Esperantisto remains a significant historical document for those interested in the evolution and promotion of the Esperanto language in North America.{{Categories}}

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