The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes

The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes, commonly referred to as "The Badminton Magazine," was a prominent sporting publication in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.Image:the-badminton-magazine-of-sports-and-pastimes-sample-cover

Origins and Publication History

The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes was first published in London, England, in 1895. It was initially a monthly magazine edited by Alfred Edward Thomas Watson and managed by Longmans, Green & Co., the renowned British publishing company.

Content and Features

The magazine covered a wide range of sports and pastimes popular during that era, aiming to provide readers with informative and engaging content. It encompassed various topics, including horse riding, hunting, fishing, shooting, archery, cricket, tennis, golf, yachting, and more. The Badminton Magazine sought to cater to the interests of both amateurs and professionals in these sporting disciplines.

Contributors and Illustrations

The Badminton Magazine featured contributions from notable writers, experts, and sports personalities of the time. Well-known authors, including Rudyard Kipling and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, made contributions to the magazine, adding literary value to its pages. Additionally, the publication included high-quality illustrations, often depicting sporting scenes, equipment, and techniques.

Positive Influence and Legacy

The Badminton Magazine played a crucial role in popularizing and promoting various sports of the time. Its comprehensive coverage, expert insights, and engaging storytelling helped generate enthusiasm among readers and encouraged broader participation in recreational activities. The magazine's influence extended beyond its publication period and helped shape the sporting culture of the era.

Circulation and Distribution

The Badminton Magazine enjoyed considerable popularity and reached a wide readership. It was distributed both nationally and internationally, making it accessible to sports enthusiasts across the globe.


After a successful run, The Badminton Magazine of Sports and Pastimes ceased publication in 1923. Despite its discontinuation, the impact and legacy of the magazine endured, leaving behind a valuable record of the sporting and recreational interests of that era.


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