The Boardgamer

The Boardgamer was an American magazine that emerged in the milieu of the board gaming community as an exquisite purveyor of content and insights pertaining to the realm of board games. It was founded by Bruce Monnin in the wake of Avalon Hill’s acquisition by Hasbro, which left many enthusiasts uncertain about the future of Avalon Hill's beloved board games. The magazine's inception took place in 1996 and it continued to grace the shelves of board game aficionados until 2004.Image:the-boardgamer-sample-cover

A distinguishing aspect of The Boardgamer was its quarterly publication schedule. It primarily focused on Avalon Hill and Victory Games titles, but did not limit itself solely to these. It also encompassed a broader perspective on the diverse and ever-evolving world of board gaming.

A noteworthy characteristic of The Boardgamer was its divergence in content from Avalon Hill's house magazine, The General. While The General was more focused on new releases, The Boardgamer carved its niche by devoting ample coverage to classic Avalon Hill games that were no longer featured in The General. This distinguished The Boardgamer as a publication dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the rich heritage and history of board games.

Thus, through its pages, The Boardgamer served as both a sentinel and a torchbearer, preserving the legacy of past classics and illuminating the multifaceted world of board gaming for a community whose passion for this pastime is both fervent and enduring.{{Categories}}

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