The Cinema News and Property Gazette

The Cinema News and Property Gazette was a Tamil language weekly film magazine published in Madras, India. Founded in 1932 by S. Sathayaana, the magazine offered comprehensive coverage of Tamil cinema and real estate news.Image:the-cinema-news-and-property-gazette-sample-cover

History and Description

The Cinema News and Property Gazette, also known as சினிமா செய்தி மற்றும் சொத்து இதழ் (Cinema Seythi Mattum Sottu Ithazh) in Tamil, was established in 1932. Headquartered in George Town, Madras, the magazine became a prominent source of information for enthusiasts and professionals in the Tamil film industry.

Content and Features

The magazine specialized in reporting various aspects of the Tamil film industry while also featuring real estate news. Here are some of its key features:

Cinema News

The Cinema News and Property Gazette provided the latest updates and developments in the Tamil film industry. It covered a wide range of topics, including film launches, new projects, cast and crew announcements, and industry events.

Film Reviews

Known for its impartial and analytical reviews, the magazine offered critical assessments of the latest Tamil film releases. These reviews helped readers make informed choices about the movies they wished to watch.

Real Estate Ads and Listings

In addition to its focus on cinema, The Cinema News and Property Gazette catered to the real estate market by featuring property listings and advertisements. These sections facilitated transactions between property owners, agents, and potential buyers.


The magazine regularly conducted interviews with prominent actors, directors, and musicians from the Tamil film industry. These interviews provided valuable insights into the creative process and personal experiences of these influential figures.


The Cinema News and Property Gazette was renowned for its high-quality photography of Tamil film stars and events related to the film industry. The magazine's striking visuals added to its appeal and attracted readers from all across Tamil Nadu.


Throughout its existence, The Cinema News and Property Gazette, alongside other Tamil film magazines like Ananda Vikatan, played a significant role in shaping the discourse surrounding Tamil cinema and contributing to the industry's growth.{{Categories}}

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