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The General was an American bi-monthly gaming magazine published by the Avalon Hill game company. It focused on the company's strategy board games with an emphasis on play details, historical context, and strategic advice.

Publication History

First published in 1964, The General was tailored specifically as a house organ to promote Avalon Hill's wargames. It served this role efficiently for 32 years until its final issue was published in 1998.

Content and Purpose

The magazine comprised specialized content catering to the specific interests of strategic wargame enthusiasts. Regular inclusions in each issue were historical analyses pertinent to Avalon Hill games, replays of games providing detailed insights into gameplay, and articles offering a variety of strategic and tactical advice.

The General didn't just focus on offering gameplay tips; often it would delve into the historical context of the conflict being simulated, broadening players' understanding of the actual events behind the games.

Special Features

Peculiar to The General was its inclusion of variant rules and new scenarios for Avalon Hill games. These amendments were proposed either by staff writers or submitted by readers, offering fresh perspectives and challenges to keep the gameplay experience stimulating.

Another regular feature was 'The Avalon Hill Philosophy', a column written by Avalon Hill's founder, Charles Roberts, in which he would discuss his views on wargaming and game design.

Transition and Legacy

The advent of the digital age saw a decline in readership which eventually led to The General's termination in 1998. Despite this, the magazine's influence persisted. The contributions it made to wargaming went beyond its original purpose, creating a rich legacy that advanced the state of strategic board gaming to new heights.{{Categories}}

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