The Green Guide

The Green Guide is an environmental magazine which offers practical advice on green living. The magazine targets a readership interested in sustainable living, eco-friendly solutions and environmentally responsible products.Image:the-green-guide-sample-cover

Publication History

Initiated in 1993, The Green Guide was published in the United States by the National Geographic Society. In cooperation with Environmental Defense Fund, the magazine began as a supplement to National Geographic and later gained a life of its own, being published on a quarterly basis.


The Green Guide primarily focused on covering eco-friendly and sustainable products, green living solutions, and eco-travel. The content was written by experts in the field of environmental science and journalism.

The magazines also covered topics such as alternative transportation, energy-efficient appliances, natural personal care products, and gardening. It also analyzed food products based on their environmental impact, including nutritional value, health benefits, and environmental impact of food production.

Influence and Impact

The Green Guide was one of the earliest magazines to focus on environmentalism, with a special emphasis on practical applications of green living. The magazine achieved a significant readership by targeting mainstream households who wanted to live a greener life.


The Green Guide ceased publication in 2009, after a successful 16-year run. In a statement released by the National Geographic Society at the time, the magazine was described as no longer being economically viable due to the shift to digital consumption of content.{{Categories}}

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