The Hobby Directory


The Hobby Directory was a monthly magazine that covered a wide variety of hobbies and interests. The magazine was known for its comprehensive directories of hobby-related businesses, as well as its features on a range of popular pastimes.


The Hobby Directory was first published in 1978, with the aim of providing hobbyists with a comprehensive guide to businesses and services related to their interests. The magazine quickly became popular with hobbyists of all kinds, and its directories were considered an essential resource for anyone interested in pursuing a hobby.

Over the years, The Hobby Directory covered a wide range of hobbies and pastimes, including photography, gardening, woodworking, model building, and more. The magazine also ran regular features on hobby-related topics, with articles on everything from bookbinding to stamp collecting.

In the early 2000s, The Hobby Directory saw a decline in readership and revenue, as more hobbyists turned to the internet for information and resources. In 2007, the magazine ceased publication, marking the end of an era in hobby journalism.


The Hobby Directory was known for its extensive directories of hobby-related businesses and services. Each issue included listings of hobby shops, suppliers, clubs, and events, organized by geographic location and type of hobby. These directories were considered an essential resource for hobbyists looking to connect with others who shared their interests, or to find specialized products and services.

In addition to its directories, The Hobby Directory also featured regular columns and features on a range of hobbies and pastimes. The magazine's content covered a wide range of interests, from traditional hobbies like stamp collecting and model building, to more niche pursuits like metal detecting and genealogy.

The Hobby Directory also included reviews of new products and books related to various hobbies, as well as profiles of notable hobbyists and hobby-related businesses.


Although The Hobby Directory is no longer published, its legacy lives on through its many devoted readers and fans. The magazine played a significant role in the hobby world for nearly three decades, and its directories and features helped to connect hobbyists across the country and around the world.

Today, many hobbyists still consider The Hobby Directory to be an essential resource for finding hobby-related businesses and services, and the magazine's back issues are still prized by collectors and enthusiasts alike.{{Categories}}

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