The Illustrated American


The Illustrated American was a prominent American magazine that covered a broad range of topics including politics, culture, and society. It was known for its high-quality illustrations and engaging stories.Image:the-illustrated-american-sample-cover


The Illustrated American was founded in 1890 by Walter S. Jackson and George W. Townsend. The magazine soon gained popularity for its coverage of events like the Spanish-American War and the presidential election of 1896.

The magazine's circulation grew rapidly, with over 100,000 subscribers by 1895. The Illustrated American was published on a weekly basis and featured articles written by well-known journalists and authors like Jack London and Theodore Roosevelt.


The content of The Illustrated American covered a wide range of topics, including politics, culture, society, and the arts. The magazine was known for its high-quality illustrations which were produced by some of the most talented artists of the time.

One of the most popular features of the magazine was its coverage of the Spanish-American War. The magazine sent reporters and artists to the front lines of the conflict, and their coverage brought the realities of war to the American public.

Audience and Reception

The Illustrated American appealed primarily to the middle and upper-class readers who were interested in politics, culture, and society. The magazine's illustrations and stories captured the attention of the public, and its circulation continued to grow throughout the 1890s.

Despite its popularity, The Illustrated American struggled financially due to rising costs associated with high-quality printing and illustrations. In 1898, the magazine was sold to Leslie's Weekly and was eventually absorbed into that publication.


Despite its relatively short lifespan, The Illustrated American left an indelible mark on American publishing. It played a significant role in shaping the visual language of American journalism and influencing the development of modern magazines.

Today, original copies of The Illustrated American are highly sought after by collectors and historians alike, and the magazine is remembered as a significant contribution to the cultural and literary history of the United States.{{Categories}}

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