The Islamic Monthly


The Islamic Monthly is a North American magazine that covers current events, culture, and views related to the global Muslim community.Image:the-islamic-monthly-sample-cover


The Islamic Monthly was founded in 2011 by Arsalan Iftikhar, a human rights lawyer and commentator on issues of Islam and Muslims. The magazine began as an online publication before expanding to print.


The Islamic Monthly covers a wide range of topics related to Islam and the Muslim world, including current events, politics, culture, and arts. The magazine has featured interviews with prominent Muslim figures, as well as commentary and analysis from both Muslim and non-Muslim writers.

The Islamic Monthly also publishes articles on topics related to the intersection of Islam and modernity, such as science, technology, and social media. The magazine has been known to address sensitive and controversial subjects such as women's rights, LGBTQ+ issues, and sectarianism within the Muslim community.

Audience and Reception

The Islamic Monthly targets a North American Muslim audience, as well as anyone interested in issues related to the global Muslim community. The magazine has been praised for providing a platform for diverse Muslim voices and perspectives, especially those that are often excluded from mainstream media.

The Islamic Monthly has been recognized for its contributions to promoting greater understanding and appreciation of the Muslim world. The magazine has received numerous awards, including the American Muslim Consumer Conference's Best Media Outlet Award in 2012 and the Muslim Public Affairs Council's Voices of Courage and Conscience Award in 2014.


Since its founding, The Islamic Monthly has become an influential publication in the North American Muslim community. The magazine has been at the forefront of discussions on contemporary issues affecting Muslims, and has challenged stereotypes and misconceptions about Islam and Muslim societies.

The Islamic Monthly has also inspired the launch of other Muslim-focused publications, helping to create a broader media landscape for Muslim voices and perspectives.{{Categories}}

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